Tower Boats – Intro April 2018

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Hi Guys,

Here’s to hoping this is the first of many blog posts on!

Like many business ideas, Tower Boats is the product of many hours of frustration spent searching for my next boat online, and then ultimately a realization that I should try to do something about it and see if I can make things better for others in the process.

The obvious first challenge herewas to better define a segment of boats that has a genuine following of loyalist, become the go-to source for said boats and then maintain a platform where buyers and sellers can both rely on the relevance and consistency of available boats being sold by reputable owners.

If that works, then perhaps we become a bit more active in the space and become sort of a central source of information on the boat builders in our segment, the fabricators innovating the aftermarket improvements, the guides best exposing new comers to the tower boat experience and so on.

So that’s the idea… Hopefully it resonates with a few of you, and hopefully its helps move you out of the craigslist rabbit hole so you can spend a few more hours on the water!